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RN7529 – Legal Issues for the Safety Officer

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Welcome to Legal Issues for the Safety Officer!

RN7529 – Legal Issues for the Safety Officer Course Description
This online course will meet the JPR’s of NFPA 1521 Standard on Fire Department Safety Officer Professional Qualifications. After completing this course, the student will be able to identify the applicable Florida statutes and rules pertaining to safety and line-of-duty-deaths (LODDs), explain the basic concepts of the Florida legal system, the components and procedures regarding the conduct of an investigation, possess an understanding on current litigation trends and the concepts of unsafe operations.
Textbook Requirement
The required reading for this course will be provided to you at the beginning of each Module.
Course Navigation and Browsing
To assist with navigating through this course, please read the outlined list below:

1. Located in the “upper” right-hand portion of your screen, you will notice your [LOG OUT] and [FIRST+LAST NAME] buttons.

a. Please remember to logout of the course each time you exit the course.


2. Immediately below the buttons listed in #1, you will notice your Course “Timer”; counting “up” or towards the minimum 45-hours of contact time required for this course.

a. You will not be able to complete this course until the time reads 45 Hours, even if you have completed all of the required coursework.


3. Below your “Course Timer”, you will notice a Course “Completion” Bar. The Completion Bar measures your “overall” completion status as you continue to advance through the course.


4. The Course Curriculum Navigation Table is located in the right side of your screen. You will notice that you are currently in the INTRODUCTION MODULE. Additionally, you can see that a “blue” dot is highlighted next to RN7529 – WELCOME.

a. The “blue” dot represents the Unit you are in. So, right now – You are in RN7529 – WELCOME Unit.

b. Each Module beginning with Module 1 is listed in descending order. You can use your scroll bar located on the outer-most portion of your screen to navigate up and down on each page.

c. If you click on the + symbol, it will expand the selected Module.
5. As you scroll down on this page, you will notice that the Course Syllabus is embedded in the web page.

a. You are able to scroll up and down through the Syllabus in the web page.

b. If you need to make the syllabus larger, simply click on the magnifying glass located in the upper right-hand section of the document.

c. Next to the magnifying glass, you will notice a “pop out” button. To export the Syllabus into a Google Doc, simply click on the pop out button and the document will open up in a new tab.

d. Here, you can download the Syllabus to your computer and print it for your records (highly recommended).


6. To advance to the next Unit in this Module, click on the “MARK THIS UNIT COMPLETE” button located at the bottom of your screen.

a. After clicking the button, you will see a checkmark, notifying you that you have completed this Unit.

b. Additionally, your blue dot will change to a green “checkmark” in your Curriculum Table.


7. Once you have read the Syllabus and are ready to measure your understanding of its contents, simply click on the button “PROCEED TO QUIZ”, located on the bottom right-hand side of your computer screen.


8. Click on the START QUIZ button to begin your quiz.

a. Please make sure you select “SAVE” each time you answer a question.
9. Continuing following the guidance of each Unit as you advance through the course.


If you should require any technical assistance or have trouble with course navigation, please contact your Instructor immediately. All Instructor contact information is located in your Course Syllabus.

** Quality Matter Certified **

Software Requirements
Please take some time to navigate through the Course Syllabus and check to see if your computer software and hardware meet the following minimum requirements: Pentium or greater processor (XP, Vista, Windows 7 or greater recommended) or, Macintosh Power G3 Processor or greater. You should have a reliable high-speed Internet (DSL, Cable Modem), reliable printer, speakers or headphones. You will be required to use Microsoft (2010 or newer) Word, Power Point, and Excel. In general, you should have one of the following internet browsers:


• Internet 7.0 (minimum)

• Firefox (Mozilla) 1.5 (minimum)

• Google Chrome 8.0 (minimum) *recommended*


As a reminder, you will be required to complete all of the Units in each Module before completing this course; as well as, 45 hours of documented course contact time. Each student must achieve a minimum overall score of 70% to pass this class. As always, please contact your Instructor if you need any additional information.


Yours Sincerely,


Matthew C. Trent, MPA, FO, MIFireE



Course Reviews

  1. Avatar of Vbyrd21 Vbyrd21 says:

    Great Course
    I am a personal fan of online courses. Being able to work at my own pace is what I like best and this course was no different. The instructions are clear, organized and the overall lessons are well though out and put together. I highly recommend this course if you have a busy schedule.

  2. Avatar of mp43087 mp43087 says:

    Excellent Course
    Very useful information and I encourage any firefighter to take this course.

  3. Avatar of jhayden jhayden says:

    Once I reviewed the entire course and became used to the process, I found the course and delivery to be challenging and insightful. Unfortunately I experienced some issues on my end that delayed my completion and compromised the quality of my final project. Overall, the course was great and the learning resources were extremely helpful. Thank you!

  4. Avatar of jimforsell jimforsell says:

    Legal Issues Course
    This was my first class with Public Safety Training and Development but I have taken numerous online courses in the past. This course I found to be easier to navigate and see upcoming assignments. Thank you for offering this course.

  5. Avatar of JudahFF JudahFF says:

    Judah - Review
    Thank you for providing the Legal Issues for the Safety Officer, online. I was able to complete this at my own pace. I am excited to have completed another course and will look for future class offerings through PSTD.

  6. Avatar of Nathan Sturm Nathan Sturm says:

    Legal Issues for the Safety Officer
    This is my second class with them and I look forward to many more. Excellent class!

  7. Super Convenient!
    While not a huge fan of online learning, this class was enjoyable and provided a lot of valuable information. It is hard to beat the price and convenience of doing it during the evening when I have time. Thanks again!

  8. Avatar of jdimaria jdimaria says:

    Great course with a lot of great information!

  9. Avatar of Riley Paine Riley Paine says:

    Thank for the information gain in this class look forward to taking more classes from your Instructors.

  10. Avatar of G Foote G Foote says:

    Very good. Directs student to consider legal matters. Especially liked the application of laws to LODD and other incidents. Did notice some spelling and other English Comp-type errors in the Powerpoints, but was able to overlook them.

  11. RN 757529
    Very well put together and easy to navigate. Thank you.

  12. Avatar of KarlOdin KarlOdin says:

    This course was structured with lots of built in resources available for reference in developing a well rounded knowledge base of the legal aspects surrounding safety in the Fire Service.

  13. Avatar of Chris Chris says:

    This is a great course. It provides an excellent look into the legal aspects that Safety Officers need to know. i think that any level officer would benefit from this knowledge.

  14. Avatar of Mseefeldt217 Mseefeldt217 says:

    Excellent course, navigation and resources.

  15. Avatar of jfrench jfrench says:

    Excellent course, really gave me a new perspective on things.

  16. Avatar of Daniel Daniel says:

    Legal Issues for the Safety Officer Reivew
    Great course structure and material. I definitely learned a lot from this class.

  17. Avatar of Scott G. Scott G. says:

    Legal Issues for the Safety Officer
    Great course! Very different from the other Safety Officer courses. Gives you another very important aspect of the role.

  18. Legal Issuses for the safety officer
    Great course to take. I think all officers should attend this course

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